Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where Did My Baby Go???

Before Spencer's first birthday, I watched a show on Oprah about how parents track their children's milestones through life. The one lady on the show had pictures of her daughter, starting on her first birthday, wearing one of her daddy's dress shirts to show how much she's grown each year. I thought this was a great idea, but with my son, I decided to use a neck tie instead. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one of my husband's favorite ties (which I have since found), so we bought a tie specifically for this purpose (FYI: not hubby's favorite hockey team).

Spencer has just celebrated his 7th birthday a couple weeks ago, and I cannot believe how mature he looks now, especially after looking back through his pictures. Why do our babies grow up so quickly??

So here's a look at how my little "buglet" has grown!!

Of course the first picture is him, one day old, not quite ready to wear a neck tie yet. He looks so quiet and peaceful, which is exactly how he was as a baby!

On his first birthday (left), he was oblivious of the neck tie. He had just woke from his nap to find balloons floating around the kitchen. He just kept trying to catch them, which made taking the picture a bit difficult since he wouldn't stay still. By his first birthday, he'd had a month of practice being on his feet!

By his second birthday (right), he was overly interested in the tie and I had to snap several pictures before I got one where he wasn't trying to pull it off or wrap it around his neck. That was a test of my patience for sure!

For his third birthday (left), he was very co-operative in getting his picture taken, which was a bit unlike him at that time. He was in the midst of realizing that he had the power to not always do what Mommy & Daddy wanted him to do. Thankfully (I think) he's a people pleaser and he realized that he prefers to have harmony in his life instead of defiance. He still speaks his mind and tries to get his way, but he also knows that some things are not debatable.
On his fifth birthday (left), he was thinking this whole tie thing was a bit lame. He entertained me while I took his picture, but he was ready to get on to other things. There's a lot of playing to do when you're five!

So here we are now. My baby is 7!! He was excited this year to get his picture taken. We had his 7th birthday party at our local bowling alley with five of his friends. They had a load of fun bowling for an hour, eating lunch together and enjoying cake, and more cake ... It was great watching how much these boys have learned to play together, take turns, consider each other's feelings and cheer each other on when frame after frame, no pins were knocked down by some of the boys.

Spencer is wanting to be more independant now and I'm not loving that. I know I should, but I'm not ready yet! Maybe we can start letting him make his own peanut butter sandwich. That's a good starting point, right? I can still see right where he is, and it's just a butter knife, after all!