Saturday, February 5, 2011

To Be Organized

Lists, books on Time Management, blogs on Organizing your Home ... these things are wonderful; however, actually following through with all of their tips is difficult.

When I was getting married, I remember telling a lady (about the age of my mother) that I can't wait to get all of my gifts organized in my new apartment. She laughed. She told me that it will never happen. Hey, I had only known this lady for a month or so - how could she say this to me. And dang it all, she was right. I never got my apartment organized - there was always "that one room".

When we moved into our first house less than a year later, I got organized - we had so much space in our 600 square foot house (not including the finished basement) that everything had a spot. Then more things came in and needed a spot ... and then there was "that one room" again. Eventually that room became the baby's room and that was the end of any feeling of being organized. The 600 square feet in the basement got the brunt of the overflow.

Then a few years later we moved into our current home - more than double the size - heavenly. Finally, I was organized. I had space for everything and lots of extra room. I knew it would always be this way - spacious and tidy. I felt like I had all this extra time to just live my life because I wasn't burdened by all the stuff around me.

Five and a half years later, 20 pounds heavier, and I've never felt more overwhelmed by STUFF. I wake up feeling overwhelmed, I keep losing things, I keep dreaming of how I can restore order to my home and I keep wasting my time looking for blogs or books or articles in magazines to offer me a wise tip that I never considered before.

Now I'm going to take the advise of an amazing woman I met many years ago and start having some quiet time every night, I am going to start working in small bits to get rid of items I don't need and find permanent homes for those I want to keep. I will see my progress (hopefully daily) and will start to feel a little more at peace and little less anxious.

I didn't make a New Year's resolution, but this is my early February thought. Wish me luck!