Friday, February 13, 2009


Lists can be fun, and I always make mine fun. I have a list for today and posting on my blog is NOT on my list. However, it will be now, with a stroke through it to show that I have done it. My problem is that I make lists and get sidetracked, which means that I don't get everything done on my list. To make myself feel more accomplished, I add the other things that I did so I don't feel like a failure.

My list:
1. Call Lee-Ann (I have done this and left a message. I really want to connect with her and haven't been able to). Lee-Ann, please call back!

2. Make peanut butter rice krispie squares and cut them in heart shapes.

3. Laundry (gotta get started on this).

4. Clean the house ... this will never be done.

5. Measure for carpets for the bedrooms.

6. Come up with something different for supper tonight using ground beef (since I'm home today and can put some time into it - oh, I'm thinking stuffed shells - yummy - Shaun loves those).

7. Make Valentine cards for Shaun & Spencer and get their gifts ready before they get home today.

There are lots of other things I want to accomplish today, but lets face it. I will get sidetracked and work on some of those things not on my list and will probably not even start on #4 above!! Who cleans their house on a vacation day from work anyway?

Happy Friday everybody. Oh, if anybody loves lists, check out this super simple list maker website:


tifandtheboys said...

oh man, you know me and lists- I love the printable one.... fun!

Hilda Siemens said...

oh man I do the exact same thing... add the things I've accomplished to my list that were not originally on there. It totally makes me feel like I got something done!

Thanks for checking out my blog by the way!